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The master cylinder is associated to each wheel by brake lines and hoses. Brake hoses are specially constructed elastic tubes with metal ends for transmitting fluid under extreme pressure. The entire hydraulic system is filled with a particular brake fluid, which is forced through the hoses by the association of the master cylinder's pistons. If they appear cracked or brittle, the hoses must be replaced immediately. Close inspection of the brake hoses is a high-quality way to prevent catastrophe!


These brake shoes carry the brake lining, which is riveted or glued to the shoe. When the brake is applied, the shoe moves and presses the lining against the inside of the drum. The friction between brake shoe lining and brake drum provides the braking effort and energy is dissipated as heat


When it comes to stopping a vehicle, the most vital part of this is the brake pads and rotors. Stopping is by far the most important aspect of your vehicle. Available with us are, asbestos & asbestos free Disc Brake Pads that are formulated for smooth, clean operations with quiet performance.


Tie Rod Ends are very often the first part of the steering mechanism to wear, and are the main cause of the "sloppy feeling" that is described to diagnostic mechanics. We supply original equipment quality units, for many vehicles offer improved versions, and in some cases economy units.

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