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Refrigeration Compressor Parts

We offer a wide range of Refrigeration Compressor Parts, that are ultimate source for consistent quality replacement parts BOCK, BITZER, CARRIER, COPELAND, DIAKIN, FRICK, GRASSO, MYCOM, SABROE, STAL, TRANE, YORK

Any type of spares can be developed as per samples drawings with state of art manufacturing machines with right metallurgy

Connecting Rods for Refrigeration Compressor

The Compressor Connecting Rods designed by us are made using steel as well as aluminium to easily absorb high impact at the expense of durability for high performance engines. They are made from aluminium alloys, carbon steel, bronze, S.G. iron by process of die forgings, die castings, gravity die castings, shell mouldings and are duly heat treated. Durable as well as high in performance these rods guarantee a long working life.

Refrigeration Compressor Cylinder Liners

Cylinder Liners and Blocks are made from centrifugally casted, shell casted with close grained cast iron. Cylinder liners are duly heat treated. Cylinder bores are cross honned and diameters are properly ground finished to achieve the highest level of accuracy

Crank Shafts for Refrigeration Compressors

Crankshafts are made out of carbon steel, cast steel, S.G. iron materials through Die Forgings, Open Forgings, Shell Castings procedures. Crankshafts are case hardened, statically and dynamically balanced, fine ground finished to achieve the highest level of accuracy


We SUPPLY Connecting Rod Bolts WHICH ARE MANUFACTURED from cold forged tensile steel equivalent to OEM standard & grade. THEY ARE MANUFACTURED USING high quality raw material to ensure durability and strength of the end product. Our Hi-Performance Connecting Rod Bolts are a perfect blend of durability and performance

Refrigeration Compressor Oil Pumps

Refrigeration Compressor Piston Assembly

Refrigeration Compressor Piston Assembly

we supply all types of Compressor Pistons which are very accurate, so that it works as real power booster.

Valve Plates & Assembly for Refrigeration Compressors

We supply durable compressor valves, compressor valve plates, finger valve plate, channel and spring, holder guide, spacer plate & center Plate. These plates are used between the outer Heads & cylinder of compressors. The compressor valves are placed on these plates to maintain the air pressure in compressor as well as receiver tank. These compressor valves and plates are very helpful in maintaining the air pressure by supporting the air cycle between valves and galleries. We also offer channel and spring.

Valve Plates & Assembly for Refrigeration Compressors